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Our Story

She is Aayushi Agarwal, a lawyer, a burst of energy, and my lovely wife. She wears her heart on her sleeve and put absolutely her all into everything she does. She is soft but smart, curious but honest, and would absolutely go to war for her friends and family. She is a bedroom dancer and a bathroom singer who likes to travel and make memories. She is an absolutely amazing woman.

He is Yash Agarwal, an engineer. He is fuelled by his passion for coding. He lives out through his interests in photography, traveling, music and adventures.
He likes jet-setting around the world and experiencing the finer things in life.
He prefers his quiet part of the world surrounded by only his friends and family.
He is conscientious, serious yet humorous, bold, and very confident with energizing voice. He is the most perfect guy I've ever come across. I tell myself how lucky I am to be with him.

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