The Conversations

After a long time in July (05.07.2020), Yash pinged me as we were about to meet in some time. It felt better to get to know each other through chat. Because after meeting, that too for 2 hours, we couldn’t decide about our prospects with Yes and No. It had been a long time since February that we got time to chat with each other. The conversations we had during January and February were quite formal. We were trying to get to know each other. Now we had a different approach. We tried a little informal aspect of chatting. Like for instance, we played games. We did fun activities. At times, we had deep and meaningful conversations. We shared stuff we had never shared with anyone else before. There were deep thoughts, secrets, and many more. There were very few significant things that we felt needed sharing, and we did that. Kinds of stuff that didn’t matter or were not of any value to us we did not share.

I liked everything I was getting to know about him. He started sharing stuff about him right from the beginning. Kinds of things about how he was in school, what all he did in school, what kinds of trips Yash is into, and where all places he had been. He shared everything about his current job too. I shared the same with him. How I had spent my life till now, and what are my likes and dislikes. We also shared our future goals. For instance, if we said yes to marrying each other. Then, how would our lives be? What planning would we have to do? We even discussed where we wanted to go if we marry each other. All of our talks were in what-ifs. We had shared most stuff about our lives with each other. We indulged in situation-based games. We created situations and asked each other to react to the circumstances. We liked most of our answers. The answers were quite thoughtful and well-explained. We then went for games- THIS OR THAT, TRUTH AND DARE, and most virtual games.

After all the conversations, we were quite sure about each other. We both were (99%) sure about each other. Dates were nearing. Though, the dates were yet to fix. After such a long time, we were quite indisputable that we would say yes. Though, I did not share my personal feelings. I was quite insecure as to what would happen. Because meeting in person and chatting over the phone are two different scenarios. Yash shared the same thought process.

We were discussing how our first meeting would go. Our Roka ceremony was nearing. It was going to be on 10.08.2020. We discussed what would happen when we meet for the first time. I wanted it to be perfect. We were talking over the phone and chatting through the texts. But we had never had a video call. Though, we did share our pictures. Yet, meeting in person is different from sharing images over the phone. He was pretty confident about our meeting- that everything would be alright. He asked me not to be scared about our first meeting. We even shared about what would happen aftermath. Like we both were quite prepared for both the answers- Yes and No. It was a lifetime decision for both of us. We could not be under pressure that since we had been in touch for so long, we were obliged to say yes or anything. It was the remaining 1 percent of the 99 % surety.

All the days before the meeting on 10.08.2020, both our mothers were in touch through telephonic conversations. Both of them were sure that everything would turn out to be good. It was pretty terrific in the families. All that was left now was meeting with each other.

Before the D-day, 10.08.2020, we wished each other best of luck. We even decided what we would wear. Also, what would happen if we said yes on Roka day. If we wanted to talk in private, where would we go?- terrace, drawing room, or a long drive. But if we say yes, then we would surely go for a long drive.



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